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Blackhorse 70V is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel

POT is an improved version of KM Player, by the same (Korean, I believe) author. It's lightweight and has all the same features as VLC & GOM, plus an extra or two that I don't recall. (Might have been the ability to save still images from video, or to extract music, or some other bells and whistles).

Since it is freeware the usual wankers will offer it with various add-ons, while others try to sell it. I got my copy from a site with user reviews (CNet, softpedia, or some similar site). I do seem to recall that a downloader was offered (to work from within the player) but, if so, I would have opted out.

Your post landed before mine.
Yeah, I just today noticed how it grabs all songs by the same artist (it actually selects groups based on the first word in the filename). kewl
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