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PS3™ | Types of files that can be played

ps3 might be restricted from playing some *patent* formats such as 3ivx, etc., no idea. But what can often be an issue for players is an odd mix of audio with video type within a particular media container type. For example, VBR mp3 with video in an AVI container can cause playback problems for many players. The VBR instead of CBR being the issue. AVI is itself often an issue because it is an extremely old file container that has not been updated in many years (8-10 years) by Microsoft to cater properly for advancements in video and audio formats and subtitles, chapters, etc.

In fact in the link above, there's no mention of mp3 compatibility in either the video or music section. Only mentions mp2 compatibility. I do not know if that is the case in practice. If it is the case, then any video with mp3 audio will no doubt be problematic.

According to Wikipedia: AVI container: "H.264/AVC is problematic due to the limited B-frame support. Vorbis audio is problematic." Lack of direct chapter or subtitle support. No menu support. No 3D support. Whereas the MP4 and mkv containers support all these things.

Without a ps3 I cannot test. At worst you may need to reconvert the problematic videos. Recommended would be to convert the videos to H264 format (X264 is better) with either PCM audio or ACC (MP4) audio.

Alternatively, I don't know if it's possible, but playback via computer to your ps3. That would be the best alternative I could think of. But I've never even used a ps3 lol. I presume ps3 would allow for line input for both video and audio. I use firewire for my video+audio transmission to TV from my computer for example. ps3 probably has USB input at least.
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