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Default FrostWire ever seeding torrents?

Just as an observation, over the years I have seen many FrostWire versions downloading public torrents, but I have never seen a FrostWire host seed a torrent after they finished downloading. Not even the 'torrent only' FrostWire 5 version.

There must be a defect with the program. lol

I have also never come across a 'private' torrent site that allows FrostWire to be used for their torrents.

I remember when Vuse was known as Azureus, if your overall share ratio was below a certain amount, your download speeds would be limited. The worse your share ratio, the less your download speeds would become. IMHO This is something all torrent programs should incorporate. Freeloaders destroy file-sharing networks and kill torrents flat in their tracks at times.

And that's not to say there are not organised groups out there set to destroy torrents because there are. Networks of them. I won't post snapshots on this occasion. But Sleepless would verify discussions and sample evidence on the matter.
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