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Yes Frostwire 5 is exclusively a Torrent Client. You both remind me of my very similar initial reaction when I first learned about it. Personally I was never a big fan of the Torrent client in Frostwire 4. However I have been running Frostwire 5 longer than most and it is in a different class. I now use it instead of one of the leading torrent clients. It is an easy to use and good torrent client with a brilliant search engine. It is not perfect yet, but it's getting there. I am hooked

Ok enough of the sales talk ... I have not forgotten about Gnutella. It has had its problems, but I remain a fan and a user, and it is not a protocol I ever want to see an end of, partly for sentimental reasons, partly because I have always admired the way the network was designed, and partly because I have found a lot of otherwise unobtainable rare music on it over the years, some very recently. Everyone should be able to install 5 alongside 4 although there are, I believe a couple of bugs in this respect. The Frostwire development team have dedicated their efforts almost exclusively to Frostwire 5, but I there are many of us on the forums who will continue to give support in what ways we can to Gnutella users, we will encourage continued use of Gnutella and would welcome discussion and contributions on the topic. In short, lets just say we haven't given up on Gnutella just yet
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