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I also believe developers should make some efforts toward educating users of their software how file-sharing networks work and what steps a responsible file-sharer should do to help keep file-sharing networks (and torrents) alive.

There seems to have been too much general bad education about p2p networks via paid google adverts from scam companies selling free p2p file-sharing softwares. Such scam companies advertise free software, music, video, and everything else, plus lifetime membership. (Giving the wrong idea about p2p file-sharing from the beginning.) Of course, these companies change address and name every 6-24 months. But their bad influence still seems to be living on, probably by word of mouth. People who use p2p file-sharing networks need to be properly educated from the very beginning. Incorporating some kind of education about this within the program setup, might have some effect, but also the help menu and support program folder documents. Occasional *Reminders* pop-up menus with such special messages would be ideal.

To my understanding, p2p file-sharing was not supposed to be about obtaining money in any form or fashion. It was not supposed to be about cheating copyright. It was not supposed to be a con. It was supposed to be a genuine way of sharing of files others might be interested in. And that includes any kind of file format. I first started sharing a few of my previous band's music on the network last decade. It was not copyright, it was our own non-contract compositions. And I found other music of the same. Would be nice to go back to then. But seems companies are being paid substantial amounts of money to destroy file-sharing in any form regardless and in many cases illegally. But of course the USA government turns a blind eye to that because it suits them when it does damage to other countries' economies by putting companies out of action temporarily. Would you vote for a government that allows trojans, virus, and backdoor scripts to steal your identity to be spread to you and your relatives and your neighbors computers every day?

Yep, an hour ago I noticed multiple attempts from a varied Washington ip range (a network) trying to access my file-sharing program. Hello President, are you really in control? Or is big business sponsoring too much money for you to be a *real person* ? Or simply their robot?

I am glad my ip firewall also has a TO disallow option, which will obviously help for my shares, as I noticed big blocks there to Washington.

What is Washington willing to share with us? Honesty? Or are they freeloaders of honesty; no files of honesty exists in their shares.
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