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Nice approach!

I tried experimenting with those numbers last year or so. It does seem to have an effect.

However I tend to have long sessions anyway. My LW will sometimes start up immediately as UP or at least after an hour or occasionally after a few hours.
Most likely because I already have good average uptime stats, I find that when I first open LW, if I continually remove the first peers that connect to me, it seems to force LW to become an ultrapeer. Again, not a recommended approach for those whom are firewalled or often have connection problems.

I find with LW 5 that I tend to get 40-50% better search results connected as a Leaf than when running as an ultrapeer. It can all depend upon the peers you are connected to and whom they are connected to of course. But I also often get less spam results when running as a leaf.
Example: 120 to 150 search replies whilst in Ultrapeer mode. 230 search replies whilst a Leaf. A concept that remains true year after year of testing this. My program is not firewalled which can play a significant role in search results obtained due to not losing UDP search result data.

Thus, the argument of connecting as an ultrapeer gets you better/more results for searches is a bit of a myth.
I recall one of the original FrostWire devs saying the same thing about 10 years ago. He made the point a leaf sees more of the search horizon than an ultrapeer.

On the other hand, connecting as an ultrapeer will help others to connect to the network.

Sharing files also plays an important part in search results. The more files you share, the more likely over time you will obtain better search results. This probably has something to do with how shared files are cached across the network and reaches out to other peers possibly beyond the standard horizon(s).
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