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Originally Posted by ummm View Post
ok so i get it i can help the community by donating my connection speed and stability to those less fortunate than I and thus make it possible for more users to get on and share and search if i were to ultra peer. but what benefits does the ultrapeer get? other than those mentioned above. It seems as tho it would be better to be a leaf and keep all your bw. But is there a direct benefit i am missing for the ultrapeer? there are times i need every bit of bw i have between downloads ups and regular internet tasks and im not sure if its always best for me to ultrapeer.

thanks in advance for your insight.

I find that when I'm connecting as a leaf, I see way more uploads (others downloading my files).

And when I connect as UP, my search results sometimes seem to be better. So I'd say that there is a benefit to connecting as UP, in that you can see better search results at times.

I alternate. If I want to search for hard to find files, I'll conect as UP. But if I want to simply share my files, I'll turn off UP capabilities & connect as a leaf.

FWIW, my upload bandwidth is a bit sad... the best I can do is ~ 50 KB/s. So I have my max simultaneous downloads set at 5.

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