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Default Re: Help needed, being constructive, README

Originally posted by Franky
Instead of trying to get commercial interest program developers to change their ways (spyware, secret packets, wars between $$ interested parties)...

Let's be constructive!

If each one of you devotes just a little energy each day to promoting Open Source clients, you would be amazed at what could be done!

With good PR and Open Source, you won't have to worry about commercial interests trying to take over Gnutella, or the spyware / built in browser / adware / proprietary packets stuff that is out there. Even LimeWire will have to recover it's investment somehow someday, so you will see adware or some other thing happen there.

Gnutella is a Open Protocol, only Open Source will keep it that way.

These clients are getting good, really good. There's no reason for anyone to run a proprietary client anymore.

The problem with most Open Source clients is that they arn't getting the PR they need. People need to post more about them in other Forums, let people know where to download them, and more programmers need to be aware they exist.

Promotion is always lacking in Open Source projects and it's a shame. It's not that hard for people to do.

So please spend a few minutes promoting a Open Source client. Visit some forums you haven't ever been to. Write to editors of big sites like CNet and ZD net. Write reviews and submit them. Put up your own web pages pointing to OS client's web sites. Put up a review site, put up two. Use a free web host site. The more the better.

The other way you can help is if you know ANY programming at all. Even simple improvements will go far in improving a client. If you don't know something, ask! You can fix up a routine, but maybe you don't know how to attach it to the GUI. Not a problem, just post it and someone else will pick it up and install it. This happens all the time!

You want a feature? Add it!

Open Source works when many people put in just a little effort each. That's the way to a open free Gnutella network! It's fun!

So, can I get some promises to dedicate just a little time over the next few months?


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AMEN! All of us need to aid the Open community before the RIAA, laws like DMCA, and capitalists in general take all of our Freedom of Speech Rights away.

By the way, Gnucleus is far better than Bearshare already, why should we use commercialized (spy || ad)ware to express our freedom of speech? What is the point of excersising a right through a program that is tied to those who would take our rights?
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