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Default This sentence questions itself.

So IV had this epiphany of these sentences that don't quite make sense. "What is the topic of this sentence" surely the topic of this sentence is the topic of this sentence. You would think right? But what if I were to give this paragraph.

The words in this sentence can't quite possibly begin to explain what I'm trying to explain in this sentence. The words in this sentence keep reaching out to touch the topic of this sentence but can never quite grasp what it is that is being said in the sentence. What is this sentence? This sentence is the sentence i am speaking of. What is this sentence doing? This sentence is evolving. What is this sentence becoming? This sentence has become a paragraph. What is the topic of this sentence? The topic of this sentence must be the way the letters work together in groups to form words that are strung together like a necklace with the letters being the beads. But what are the beads made of?

I'm looking for the answer to the last question of that paragraph.

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