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From the next update of the security list:

Since the USA Government refuses to take any action against the illegal actions of the DDoS or Virus spreading companies and turn a total blind-eye on these "illegal" actions despite it contravening USA's own laws let alone international laws, I have decided to ban a freshly discovered USA criminal investigation group. The Gnutella network has been under enough pressure in recent years and does not need this unnecessary crap. And any results of theirs would be used purely for propaganda as history has shown. Fining grannies for downloading something for their grandchildren. I hope you lot (the riaa, etc.) get a high on doing that kind of thing. jerks! Oink! Oink Oink; When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide.

Until the USA Government wakes up and steps aside from the Mafia influences of high paying businesses (ie: their secret donations to the government parties), and until they stop blackmailing other countries to change their laws to suit these businesses with country to country trade at stake, I will continue to ban such groups. There are too many hypocrisies involved when it comes to the USA Government.

(Since when would the rest of the world want USA laws, a country where 'innocent' people whom are not of white descent be keenly hammered to the ground by their police simply because the police were prejudiced. A country where the rich turn a blind eye to the poor without offering a single cent to help and let them starve to death or die due to no chances of medical assistance when needed. Wake up USA, the rest of the world does NOT need your hypocritical laws. A close look at the USA shows a horrible, ugly hypocrisy.)

(If not added already, I will also add some of the recognised anti-torrent attackers. Fresh downloaders of L versions will already have 'some' of these updates including the above.)
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