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Hi there folks, long time I didn't come here.
No agoraphobia, just troll-phobia.

I was just reading that old thread, and we've fixed the way those promotions work now, when you hover you are clearly shown the actions you can perform on them, you can preview, download, go to the social media pages behind them.

As for seeding settings, it's up to the user and always up to the user wether or not to seed finished downloads.

In the beginning we had set downloads to be automatically seeded (and shared in gnutella back when we still supported gnutella) but then came the feds and threw at us an injunction order and forced us not to do that, so no malware, just big government regulation doing extensive (anal probing) quality assurance on our software, you know, to protect people's privacy (while on the other hand they're spying on everybody, but that's another story #NSA #Prism)

Let us know if we can help.
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