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No, the connectfix is only intended for those with connection problems. Either first time users or those who have not used BearShare in a long time and their connection file is stale and cannot connect. Once you get connected you will be fine from there after.

A high percentage of regular BearShare peers use dynamic addresses, some are sticky and last for between a few weeks to a year. Some are highly dynamic and change daily. Some hosts try BS out and vanish a week or month later. This has been my observation at least. I'm not sure what percentage of overall BS hosts I get to see or whether I'm only in one bubble of the entire BS peer population. Over the past month I've seen a few hosts I had not seen for between 6-12 months which was a positive sign. The point being that BS's connection file can go stale if not used for a couple of months or more due to the dynamics mentioned above.

I did some testing with BSLoader last night. Trying to combine both methods (which I had tried in the beginning but it didn't work.) Similar issues. I discovered that the action of changing the date back to today generates an error code, which then sends the program to the error handling portion of code. I'm not sure how to work around this without setting up some kind of error log generation to find what the error is to work with it. I have at least cleaned up the error handling section and made sure the program closes and clears its memory at same time. But not sure how to deal with the dual options. When I get to close BS down next I will test the code on Win 8 to see if it will accept the dual options of changing date without hanging at one of the options despite the date-change working with the other option as happens on Win 7 & XP. Probably Win 8 is the only one that needs a dual option of reverting the date.
It would be handy if you could test out the program I've done so far since your Win 8 uses a different option for changing date. This version only changes date, I removed the launch BearShare for testing purposes.
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