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I finally got around to re-doing the base BSLoader installer and re-installing BearShare to fully test it out on Win XP. The shortcuts seem fine except you do need to disable the Desktop shortcut in the original BearShare installer. Alternative would be for me to name the desktop shortcut BearShare instead. So I will re-upload the BearShare Beta package and the BSLoader within the next day. I had been wanting to test this out before re-uploading the BSLoader.

Removed my original shortcut design of one BSLoader installed into Windows folder and used specifically for shortcuts. That was a technique based on my early ignorance at trying to get shortcuts to work but solved the issue at the time.

If anybody has problems with the 2nd version supplied by foxidrive to use on Windows 8 then I will revert to foxidrive's first version. The second version caters for different date formats if using Win 8. Example dd/mm/yy or or mm/dd/yy or yy/dd/mm etc.

Edit: I have added a function to remove the BearShare desktop shortcut in case anybody did not unselect the option with the BearShare Beta installer. I'll upload the new version in next 24 hours or so.
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