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Difficult topic. And I am not totally understanding your point. But I wish to make a comment which might follow on in part from your points.

In my country there are
1 - avenues and protocols for migration + immigration
2 - avenues and protocols for refugee take-up

But these are often undone by those who try to cheat the system.

The local national Government refers to such cheaters as 'Economic Migrants'.
ie: these people pay huge amounts of money to travel half way across the world to our nearby countries. Instead of settling there, they pay people smugglers for boats to travel to this country and expect to be accepted as refugees with special status. "Cough" !
(Mind you the amount they pay to get onto these pretend refugee boats is quite considerable.)

The present Government's intended proposal for dealing with these people is to send them to nearby Papua New Guinea and process them there with help of the Papua New Guinea Government. If they are true refugees then they get to chance to become New Guinea citizens. If they are not true refugees then they are given a free flight home. Sounds fair to 80% of local people in a poll I saw.

As far as standard immigration and refugee take-up, I was very happy the local national Government made changes in the 1980's for increasing the totals. Multiculturalism has been highly beneficial for our country ever since. And I've enjoyed the change in attitude of the average person and their broader mindedness than 25-30 years ago.
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