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Default Online investment no scam satisfaction proof

New payout from Program issued via DRM. Paid is legit.

Edit by Forum Moderator team after the above member was banned: Other DRM info see Risk Your PC's Health for a Song? | PCWorld, which helps to explain why DRM is often full of virus and trojans. DRM represents rental of the artistic item for 6-12 months and a limited number of plays as the DRM license specifies. It does not mean you own the copy, unlike the earlier vinyl records or cassette-tapes or earlier CD's! Such DRM might also restrict you to only playing such media on your computer only with a specific ID and not playable after copying to CD or other computers or storage media.

... Rent a song (with specified period and number of play restrictions as mentioned)? Does that appeal to you?

Did we reach 50 plays of the song already or is it a year already, is that why we can no longer play it? . What did I pay for?

( Buying music online (or video) which has DRM incorporated has its major drawbacks! You need to find out which online sale sites incorporate DRM and those that do not. Otherwise your use of such media files will be extremely limited.)