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Default The PC as a Learning Tool

Hi Joe

You know, I used to believe that it was my duty to learn all I could about the PC and it's usefulness. And to a certain extent I did, except I found that I could never learn it all because software makers would introduce upgrades that caused more problems than they solved, e.g. introducing new bugs and hiding previously available useful features, e.g. Start Button on Win8.0.

As I gained more experience, I found that software makers, after a certain time, stopped caring about what happened when they released a new version of their their application (you know what happened to Firefox). They cared more about releasing their product to a timetable rather than whether it worked or not.

So, to counteract all this nonsense I decided to stick with the stuff that works and brings real benefits to me and my family instead taking part in boosting the ITs industry's bottom line.

UK Bob

PS. Mind you, one of the reasons I fell in love with the PC was because of its' flexibility, you were never stuck with only one solution for a problem, it allowed the ordinary guy to be creative, it opened up new ways of doing things and, above all, it enabled people from all over the world to communicate and exchange ideas.

I also believe that the PC and Internet are the greatest developments since the invention of the wheel.

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