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Hi Joe

I have looked over your problem and, I must say, I cannot offer any direct help because like Peerless I use MS Outlook Express and I do not (and will not) use Windows 8 (this O/S is not popular).

That said, may I suggest reading the following:-

Windows 8 for Seniors For Dummies (Book) by Mark Justice Hinton (2012):


Outlook 2013 For Dummies (Book) by Bill Dyszel (2013):

Please do not take offence at the books titles, I have quite a few of these "dummy" books myself, because some of them are very good and tend to break down the subject into easy to understand steps.

Finally, please note that I cannot personally vouch for the two named books because, as said before, they cover software that I do not and will not use.

UK Bob
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