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Forums as a whole can be intimidating when it is your first time there. And the larger they are the more complicated it seems.

This forum is broken up into sections. Some of the parent sections are non-postable sections, but simply link to other child forum sections which can be posted into. (If there were no multiple sections of the forum, then it would be one single mess of all kinds of topics. Categorizing the forum helps to find things.)

So the idea is to first find the area of the forum that suits your topic to post about or to find information about. Then visit the child forum sections for specific areas of your topic. I hope that makes sense.

If you see a Post Reply or New Thread button near the top-left of the window then you know you can create your own thread or post. (Creating a new thread is posting a new topic of discussion.) But you need to be logged into the forum before you can post.

The FAQ at top left of screen is where you can find some extra information about the meanings of certain things on the forum.
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