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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
... Would probably also be good to include upgraded settings such as I have in the connection installers. ie: port blocks and host file size. ...
Alternatively just install the application package without the stub file and duplicate the specific system's stub file & copy to the app package MacOS folder. In that way there's no replacing & no system checks.
Destination of the JavaApplicationStub would be the user's chosen location for the phex app package. Phex/ or

The snapshots folder is a different kettle of fish. You might need to include two separate phex's for OSX (one with Mavericks stub file.)
An applescript app bundle installer for Phex could do this quite easily. At least for installing into the applications folder. If user choice is given for location, then that would test my skills but could be done, you probably know how. ie: save the chosen directory for using in the stub duplication process.

What I don't know however is if this stub file is a part of the OSX system or installed after Java is installed. The later OSX versions do not have java installed by default (starting from OSX 10.7 or 8, I can't remember which.) In any case, if the stub file is not found, an error message saying please install Java first before installing Phex could be added to the installer.

If my suggestions are silly, then I apologise, since I'm not educated in developing complex apps. You are the ones in the know.

Off-topic: from what I've read, the security issues with Java are with the Java browser plug-in, not apps that are programmed in Java per se. Two separate things.
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