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Unfortunately, my son's laptop came with Win8.1 pre-installed, possibly on a hidden partition, and I just had to run the installation program so I guess downgrading to Win8.0 is not really practical.

MS has really made a "dog's breakfast" of Win8.0 and I guess it will stay that way until they disentangle (or unbolt) the Tablet O/S from the PC/Desktop O/S, simply because very few people want a two in one computer or a hybrid Tablet. Plus, as MS has shown with it's Surface Tablet, such a machine is prohibitively expensive.

Anyway, like you, I do not upgrade for the sake of upgrading I need a reason for such a task, usually beneficial or technical. That's why I'm still using WinXP Pro, I just don't see any real benefit in losing all my utilities, changing my hardware, and basically starting again for MS's new (and improved aka dog's breakfast of an) O/S.

Catch you later.

UK Bob
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