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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
The only GTK host it didn't list as being hostile was a 2007-07-07 version which coincidentally was using port 59345. ... This now makes me somewhat suspicious of hosts with this port when 3 were from USA & two from Brazil. Just seems too coincidental to be trusted. ...
One of these appears to be a bot that browses when you first join the network. I believe I did at one time put it onto the hostiles but then removed it last year or earlier.
It connected to me as a UP whilst i was an LPE UP but my MacOX Console log only shows one connection attempt, despite LW showing that it browsed me also. Unless early GTK versions had an effect of auto-browsing hosts when they connected to them?
I'd have thought a browse host request would come in a separate message. Unless both (connect & browse) sent within same packet(s) of information or continuation of a single message?
#.#12.208.195:59345 gtk-gnutella/0.96.4-14059 (2007-07-07; GTK2; Linux x86_64)
LPE pseudo ID: indigoSnip-208-195
It appears to be a 24/7 UP. Of course I have it on my connection lists for LW/Phex/BS, etc. but wondering if that's a bad idea.
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