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Default ShareAza use of G1 popular :- Time to upgrade before it starts to lose ability to connect to Gnutella Network?

Despite what the ShareAza devs may think, there at least appears to be a large ShareAza population that uses the Gnutella (G1) network. Eventually ShareAza users may find they begin to struggle to connect to G1 due to using out-dated technology. Perhaps time to upgrade ShareAza's gnutella network technological capabilities?

ShareAza's old technology also causes unnecessary overhead and inefficient & costly communications (connections, searches, downloads, etc.) Might I suggest updates to ShareAza's gnutella abilities are well over-due.

I think you need to look at how the presently surviving G1 clients are advancing and for that matter, the restrictions they have been starting to use for connecting to 'older' clients. The ones still being developed: GTK-Gnutella and WireShare, and a few LW clones are still advancing slowly. Phex is still on extended vacation it seems (we hope that's all it is.)

The impression is the ShareAza Devs have a very low opinion of the G1 (Gnutella) network and don't particularly care. Is that so?
Do you care about your ShareAza user community and their obvious desires to use G1?

I make this post from an observational point of view.
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