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Default Automation in v1.0

hmm, not sure if it really works.

I got "only" 4 files in 5 hours. I had 4-5 connections and entered 7 bands to search (mimimum file size 2.5 MB). I didn't understand what "If none found, try again in (minutes)" means, when I restart Napshare it is empty again.

Some more questions: Does resume perform an overlay check (to see if files match to each other and avoid damaging files)? Does Napshare use v0.6 handshake (b/c I mentioned that the new Xolox beta with v0.6 handshake downloads lots more files)? Does automation test against my shared files, before it downloads a file from Gnutella (to avoid downloading allready existing files)? Does automation take advantage from passive search (all routed queryhits could be used to test against all automated searches)? Shouldn't Napshare make sure that download folder is different to incomplete download folder (most other Gnutella clients do)? Could you show some status information, when automation is performing an requery for a search (currently it shows everwhere 'Searching', but you get no feedback what is really happening). What means S/R/D in the gnutellaNet info?

Thx Moak

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