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I noticed these older GTK hosts using port 59345 appear to all use Amazon Technologies as their ISP. One is a host apparently based in Japan, using Amazon Data Services Ireland. (Organization: Amazon AWS Services - Cloud' - LHR.)

BTW I wonder what would happen if Lime related clients included an option to disable being browsed. I guess that would almost spell the end to the concept of browse host. I wouldn't add it myself, except perhaps only for a personal customized version.
I get browsed so often & dislike the concept of their luck of the draw to find files to download they find by luck & choose without any real desire to have (of course a % of these are freeloaders.) Many of them are purely opportunists. And thus a lack of desire to share back to the network. I think Lime was the only main client not to offer the option to disable browse & since they represent the majority of the network. ~ One thought is if a host disallows being browsed, it disables their own ability to browse hosts. Otherwise it's somewhat of an unfair playing field.

Meanwhile I've been trying to look at how to fix the lime's brief upload queuing system. But this seems to be overridden in priority by a kind of greed defense system approach I've yet to find the answer to. And it needs to be fixed because it's buggy & results in unnecessary auto- preventing/cancelling of some uploads & temporary auto-blocking of hosts, even for modern clients like GTK, LPE, FW, etc. A bug that's probably existed since LW5 was borne.

On an even more off-topic: many experienced users would realise the so called LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc) is used for spamming the network. I discovered one of the most relable BearShare 5 hosts also seems to use LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc). Should this be a concern? I've seen lots of LimeWire/4.21.1 without the (rc), but the (rc) versions I perhaps ignorantly believed was an adapted FW version 'only' used by the spam companies. Host in question seen as a BS user for a year (not BS beta.)
The only co-relation I've seen between a handful of these (rc) hosts not using port 27016 is they all used high number ports between 53450 to 61919. The host with same address as the BS host who I see consistently has used multiple ports also within that range. I haven't added them to hostiles at this point. I don't have any evidence they're actually spamming.

GTK 1.0.0 for OSX tended to crash easily for me. GTK 1.0.1 crashes during closing. Same error each time.
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