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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
On an even more off-topic: many experienced users would realise the so called LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc) is used for spamming the network. I discovered one of the most relable BearShare 5 hosts also seems to use LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc). Should this be a concern? I've seen lots of LimeWire/4.21.1 without the (rc), but the (rc) versions I perhaps ignorantly believed was an adapted FW version 'only' used by the spam companies. Host in question seen as a BS user for a year (not BS beta.)
The only co-relation I've seen between a handful of these (rc) hosts not using port 27016 is they all used high number ports between 53450 to 61919. The host with same address as the BS host who I see consistently has used multiple ports also within that range. I've haven't added them to hostiles at this point. I don't have any evidence they're actually spamming.
As an addendum to this, I've spotted the same BearShare host address (but using LW_rc) using port 27016 over past two days. I don't think there's any excuse for this & points to a rogue BearShare user & probably multiple hosts running from same host address. As a LW-rc host, I noted countless ports used. And now the 27016. Some examples: 54569, 56373, 61919, 58280, 58227, 56097, 60437, 58658, 27016.
Until now, I thought it was simply a random connection port. But in retrospect, I recall seeing multiple ports in same day (6 ports used on 24 June, two on 26 June.) I doubt LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc) needs to be restarted that often in one day & in each case as an ultrapeer.
Edit September: Another one has appeared that is both (rc) & uses BS with similar shares.

History of the BearShare host: first sighted 21 June 2013, connected for about 24 hrs. Was a consistent user 24/7 every month up to now. Often had 1-9 days uptime. Shares: (3602/744 GB) by 25 June 2013. Though this varied from 716 GB to 791 GB over the year with shares up to 4020. On 14 February 2014 (1420/33 GB) but grew gradually up to 1725/128 GB) by 14 April, and (2098/244 GB) by 1 May.

BearShare Lite - WinXP

The size of shares does not appear to match the average LimeWire/4.21.1 (rc) host, but then I haven't seen this particular host's shares whilst using LW-rc. Perhaps the BS objective was upload slot containment I wonder. Speculative.

(although I have temporarily banned a BS host more than once due to greed factor whilst using LPE, I can't remember which one now.)
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