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If you haven't already seen it, check If LW 5 Will Not Connect or if using LW 4, check that link at top of the linked page because the suggestions to try are a little different.

I'm not sure which version of LW you are using. Some years ago you said you were unhappy with LW5 so I presume you went back to LW4. If you are using LW5, you might consider trying WireShare, which is an update to LimeWire Pirate Edition.
Unlike LimeWire Pirate Edition, WireShare on MacOSX can run using Java 7 or higher (or java 6.)
It's an objective to 'eventually' try to bring some of the tools from LW4 into WireShare. This is a long-term plan though & not in the short-term.

Eventually, any LW version below 4.18 will find it more difficult to connect to the network due to the newer version programs giving connection preference to the newer versions. I shouldn't think any reason to panic at this moment about it though.
Those using LW versions below 4.14 will be the first to notice the greater difficulty of finding connections at some point in the future.
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