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Thanks. The connection bars at the bottom left corner of the screen show gray and Connecting for ever.

The Tools - Advanced Tools initially after starting LimeWire Pirate Edition shows many hosts Connecting, but none remains after a few seconds. The incoming searches and Console are also empty. Says nothing about firewall.

I have the Mac firewall and Little Snitch on, but have granted permission for LPE (none asked about WireShare and it does not show on the list of such firewalls).

I have always used manual private IP numbers. My public IP is dynamic. I have the router ports open and manual port setting in the application. In the past, LimeWire only connected with that.

In summary, I have many years of experience with Limewire without problem, but from some months ago, I cannot connect with Limewire and with WireShare as described below.

So I am lost. There is certainly something in Mac Mac preventing connections, but I wonder what is it and how to fix it.
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