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Originally Posted by ram View Post
Are you talking about hosts that advertise port 59345 and which run gtk-gnutella/0.96.4?

They seem to be running in a cloud, with many such instances around the world in different geographic locations. They do not have a huge uptime, meaning they are restarted quite frequently.
I connected to a new one recently for 1:23:58:46 (13-14 September) & 1d16h (15-16 September.) Similar ip to another in the 50.112. range & of course with port 59345 & an auto-browse host. If they're all using an Amazon Cloudf then of course their original ip could be anything.
gtk-gnutella/0.96.4-14059 (2007-07-07; Linux)
I don't know at this point if it's the same host with fresh ip or one I hadn't previously seen.

Originally Posted by ram View Post
... one thing is certain: this version is outdated and is harmful to the network due to the presence of routing bugs that were fixed much later.

Automatic browsing after connection suggests that the version was manually altered, since native GTKG does not have support for this auto-browse neighbors "feature"... To which purpose?
In what way is their presence damaging for connecting to the network?
Would I be advised to remove them from connection lists I offer via the forum?
They're so consistent I felt they would be helpful for connecting even if their motivation for being on the network is highly questionable.
If their ultrapeer status is damaging to the network, then should they be black listed?

I remember coming across hosts using Amazon over past couple of years that I had thoughts some might be bad in one way or another. I also suspected it was a dynamic ip system back then. (However the auto-browse GTK hosts appear to use static addresses.)
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