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Default Firefox Toolbar and Google homepage

Have lost my Firefox toolbar and my Google homepage.

Have been searching the internet for help, but I keep getting complicated
solutions which suggest that I instal some software or other to solve the problem.
When I try to instal software, I get a message saying "You have chosen to open this file", followed by "Do you want to save this file?". If I choose SAVE FILE, the software file I chose to open does not open at all. And, by the way, where is the file saved? Can't find it anywhere!

Please, can you suggest a straightforward solution for retrieval of the
Firefox toolbar and the Google homepage?

I use windows 8.1

P.S. The google homepage has automatically been replaced by the ASK homepage, which I want to get rid of, but here again I am stuck because
I cannot find a simple solution for this problem either.

Kindly remember I am no computer guru!

Many thanks.


Please, can you kindly suggest a straightforward method to retrieve the Firefox toolbar and the Google homepage?
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