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I don't normally use Win 8 & am not confident with how FireFox works. After I open a new page the toolbar vanishes. Not sure of that logic & how you are supposed to access the toolbar at any point in time thereafter. (Just glad the MacOSX version doesn't work that way else I'd probably find a replacement browser. FF is already a memory hog. And it crashes probably once a week which singles it out as the only trouble-some app I have.)

The default start page I have is
HTML Code:
Try typing that address into your web address bar to get the page back. Hopefully the Toolbar will also re-appear after which you can make the changes to the homepage in Settings.

Homepage can be reset via clicking on Settings & in the General tab choose the Revert to Default. Else type in the Google URL web address or set it to Mozilla.
The FireFox toolbar should show when FF first opens.

Firefox Toolbar and Google homepage-ff-toolbar-homepage.png

Edit: You can also access Settings via the FireFox drop-down menu bar top-left (orange) & choose Options > Options.
Via the first Options you can also customise your Toolbar where it's traditionally displayed by drag & drop each tool you wish from the Toolbar Layout configurater.
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