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Default Cabos and Acqlite - where to download from + hostiles updater

Can't find where to download Cabos or Acqlite from? . Yes, Cabos installer was removed from sourceforge several years ago.
Edit: A revised Cabos sourceforge option has been created. Cabos can be downloaded from here. Before downloading either Cabos or Acqlite, please see notes further down in regards to both programs and their requirements and limitations when attempting to run on later Mac OS systems.

Here's some 3rd party host-site alternatives: Cabos here for Windows, or here for MacOSX. . Acqlite (MacOSX only): at SourceForge, or 3rd party host-sites: here.
Both Cabos and Acqlite can also be found on GD here. (Recommended to select the List View icon so you can see the non-abbreviated titles. Sample image here.)

With the present Cabos and Acqlite ConnectionFix installers is an option to update the Hostiles file that's installed with the program. I am presuming the Hostiles file has not been updated since 2009 (or possibly since 2008.) You can either choose to install only the connection file or only update the Hostiles or install both. Cabos/Acqlite first needs to have been installed. This Hostiles has been re-formatted into CIDR which reduces file-size to two-thirds of the original.

You might need Administrator permissions to install the Hostiles update due to this file being installed into the Cabos/Acqlite program folder within the Applications folder.
Note: MacOSX users only: If you have permission problems installing the Hostiles update, then try moving the program (OSX version Cabos or Acqlite) somewhere else such as the desktop and update the program there. Then move the program back to the Applications folder.

Perhaps surprisingly, considering the period since 2009/2008 there's only around 250 additions to the hostiles out of the almost 418,000 total listings. This is due to two main reasons other than using a very minimalist approach: (i) This Hostiles version originally customised by heavy-babe already blocked the majority of hosts intended to add. (ii) The only Spam-hosts added from over 6 months ago were those sighted 6 to 12+ months after first sighting. Other hosts blocked include download or browse BOTs which can be highly menacing and persistent.
It is not possible to block out all spam with the Hostiles, but it definitely helps block out a large percentage of spam-BOTs.

* Important note for MacOSX users: Cabos for OSX is a 32-bit only app and does not work under OSX 10.11 or later (and I've personally been unable to use it since OSX 10.4/5.) Use Acqlite instead. Acqlite is a smoother and neater looking program and has a couple of extra tools. The open source Acqlite was originally designed as a cross between Cabos and the commercially sold Acquisition.

* It has come to my attention Acqlite (Mac OS only) suffers same issue as LimeWire and requires Java 1.6 (also referred to as Java 6) to run. ~ June 2022. Whilst Java 1.6 can be sourced here, you will probably find you need to update the version again after installing. If this specific installer is incompatible with your mac os, then search the mac downloads for java 1.6 (java 6.) We apologise for inconveniences in this regard.

Cabos on MacOSX is 32-bit only and is broken: Cabos and Acqlite - where to download from + hostiles updater-cabos-osx-broken.png
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