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Default Constantly Changing ISPs

Dear Forum Members

I have a belly aching gripe to make and it's not my fault.

This morning I had just heard that my ISP, Tesco Broadband & Homephone, has sold out to TalkTalk and that my account is in the process of being transferred over, which should be completed by 9th June 2015.

Now, I had no warning of this, no letter or email, letting me know this was going to happen, especially as the sale of my ISP happened in January this year. And what is worse, I do not want to be a TalkTalk customer, their customer service is appalling plus their Indian call centre was denounced recently for leaking customer's data to (dodgy) third parties.

Above all, I hate the fact that I now have to start looking for my eleventh (yes, 11th) ISP.

I have been through BT, Virgin, WHSmith (when they had an ISP), Bulldog, Pipex, Tiscali, Global 4, O2, something called World Com (but I can't exactly remember) and currently, the best of the bunch, Tesco B&H.

I have a lot more to gripe about but now I shall go and sit in a corner and slowly simmer.

UK Bob
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