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Default Resurrection of "Cabos" file sharing program

Hi there!

I'm Ed Matavka; I was the original project lead for the WireShare project back when it was started in 2010 (you'll find my initial commit to CVS on SourceForge, and the description and everything is all mine, too).

Recently, I was looking through all my old work and discovered that Cabos, a similar project but written partly in RealBasic, had fallen into desuetude. The source code, to my great surprise, was still available on the original server, despite having changed its name to OSDN. I know that the original developer of Cabos, known only as heavy_baby, had made a few changes to the LW back-end, and these changes were widely unpopular among Gnutella cognoscenti. There has been no work on Cabos since 2010.

Therefore, I created a new project on the main SourceForge site. I saw no reason to change the name---LW was changed to WireShare because the LW name had been poisoned by the RIAA lawsuit---so Cabos is now available in source form at The source code has been made available in a Mercurial repository, and I will also upload a .zip file for those people with no knowledge of Hg (I will teach people how to upload and download to Hg upon request)

So I was wondering whether there were any programmers here with knowledge of RealBasic/Xojo who could undertake the Cabos project. I know Gnutella is much smaller than it used to be, but I'm sure someone could take this work in hand.

I can be reached at *email address removed*

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