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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
The LW 'Other' versions can be found here on GoogleDrive. In recent months I'd been swapping to GoogleDrive because FileCloud has become very unreliable, losing files a month after uploading/hosting them due to non-backed up 3rd class disk drives (probably found in 2nd hand markets or worse.)

I don't know if FileCloud is being ambushed/hijacked temporarily by a Chinese owned site. I haven't spoken to their support about this yet.

Off-hand I don't know what is required for systems that prefer the RPM/Other version (BigJx might know). It is possible to unpackage the DEB version as an archive. You didn't mention which Linux you are using.

Not an ideal approach, but this is one crude way to run it:


Edit: From LW's original instructions: If you are using this from the file, you can launch LimeWire by typing:
sh ./
Just adjust this for WireShare.

If you cannot connect, delete the file from the ~/.WireShare folder whilst WS is closed. Then start WS up again.

I can mention the RPM concept to Big_Jx. But not sure when the next version will be released. The WireShare project could definitely benefit with some help from other persons. Edit: My research suggests LW stopped using RPM before 2006 and instead simply supplied a zip file instead.
I'm a Wireshare project admin and I will raise this point with everyone.

Why don't you create a SourceForge account and help out yourself? We're always looking for new project volunteers. Email me at *email address removed* and I will add you to the developers list.

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