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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
In recent months had sent messages to heavy_baby asking about whether he'd work together with the WireShare team also on the Cabos and Acqlite projects which he has control over. The idea being to update to similar changes and improvements to WireShare. No response unfortunately.
I am neither a RealBasic/Xojo knowledgeable person.
Compiling the code is different to actually building the app which I'm unable to do for either Cabos or Acqlite (which uses a language that only operates on the MacOSX system.)

So I reiterate and emphasise nmatavka's request.
I know you don't know Xojo, but do have a look-see at the new Cabos website. I can add you as a developer if you like.

The original iteration of Cabos is dead; heavy_baby has updated his site to reflect this fact Cabos (γ‚«γƒœγ‚Ή) γƒ—γƒ*γ‚Έγ‚§γ‚―γƒˆζ—₯本θͺžγƒˆγƒƒγƒ—γƒšγƒΌγ‚Έ - OSDN. The web site now says that "DISTRIBUTION OF CABOS HAS STOPPED" or something similar. So I very much doubt that heavy_baby will come to work on WireShare.
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