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Originally Posted by ropersd View Post
I have just downloaded Wireshare and still getting the connection issue im on windows 8 running java 6 I have used the fix numerous times and nothing I have checked my router and windows firewall settings everything is good.My ISP is virgin media and I am running a fiber optic broadband connection. Please help me I'm tearing my hair out now.

If a new installation of WireShare is having trouble connecting at this time it is due to issues at SourceForge preventing WireShare from getting the bootstrap file.

The connection fix doesn't work for WireShare so try the following:

First you need to download a file named via MediaFire.

Then in Windows 8: Search > type %appdata%\WireShare into the text field.
WireShare will appear listed below the search box, click on this listing to open it & you may see a file inside that folder. If so delete that file & replace it with the one that you've just downloaded.


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