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Default Elephant ivory poachers must be shot to death on sight


For the first time I am going to disagree with you simply because I believe in the rule of law and finding out the background to the criminal act.

Also remember, nothing is ever black or white, right or wrong because we live in a world with different shades of grey.

Let me explain, we in the west have paying jobs, pensions and social help should we fall on hard times. However, in most of Africa if you do not have a paying job, unless you are wealthy, you starve. And hunger is the one sure thing that can remove a person's morals and conscience.

The people who should be shot on sight are those who pay and hunt for fun, a sadistic pleasure indulged in by people with too much money and too little to do. But they won't get shot because they are rich but the jobless poor who is trying to put food on his table and clothes his family is the one who will be shot.

So before you make a (black or white) pronouncement put a little thought into what you are saying.

UK Bob
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