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Originally Posted by ale5000 View Post
...Many LimeWire mods use LIME vendor code and this is confusing, if a small mod doesn't want to create a specific vendor code I suggest LIMM as generic LimeWire mod vendor.
I noticed LIMM listed in the fake-clients list, so is that wise? I don't know where LIMM originated from.

Several LW-4 Clone programs use LIME as their vendor code. At least one or more don't which probably causes problems for them connecting (such as to GWC's.) Since LimeWire, FrostWire, Cabos, & WireShare are the most popular clients on the network and reserve a certain number of connections for those with LIME vendor code (however most of the LW4 clones either include Wire or Lime within their name.) Definition of LW4 Clones is here. The LW 4 Clones are all GWC based programs, having never upgraded to UHC, DHT or TTL abilities AFAIK. Their connection & other data files are usually the tell-tale sign of this.

According to the LW/WS code, locale is usually prioritized where it's applicable.
//move the connections with the locale pref to the head of the lists
//we prioritize these disregarding the other criteria (such as isGoodUltrapeer, etc.)
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