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I like the idea of an ISAPI extension and was actually starting to write one in C++ after I finished the ASP one.
I was also considering writing a small web server app that would function like the GWebCache but would not be reliant on any web server software.

tshdos, lets work together on a asp hostcache ok?
i wanted to code that too but i dont want us
to be 'rivals' (look at those childish flames of bearshare
and limewire).
No problem, I am not trying to compete with anyone. I would just like to see more options all around.

cultiv8r, does the cfcontent tag really remove all the extra whitespace? When I used to use cold fusion, that was one thing that really annoyed me. I think when CF5 came out they finally added an option to eliminate the whitespace but I switched to ASP before I ever had a chance to try it.
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