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I find the question is a little vague. Can you expand on what you mean?

With exception of LuckyWire which was an early LW 5 clone, and Acqlite & Cabos which were very early LW clones, all the others listed are based off LW version 4 or earlier. Some were commercial or shareware versions.

It appears all the LW4 style clones use technology prior to LW 4.14 since none of the LW 4 clones incorporated DHT, TCL or UHC support. I am aware that despite all either going quiet or stopping development over the past 5 years, at least a couple have released updates in recent years. I've absolutely no idea what changes they have made. It appears they have not updated their built-in GWC lists (all are out of date.) This is probably why you don't see many of them listed on the GWC's now. (In theory, they should be able to learn new GWC's but perhaps that code was not incorporated. Their failure to implement such code might have been for security reasons because rogue GWC's existed last decade.)

I did try contacting at least one of their developer teams (a year or two ago) but received no response(s).

IMHO most of the LW4 style clones appeared to be roughly the same. Addax, CitrixWire & DexterWire all appear to have a marginally differently compiled GUI & all have such similar simplistic logo icons it appeared to be obvious they were all designed by same person(s). They do have a notable difference in some of the setting files compared to the other LW4 clones.

The earliest LW 4 clone I personally became aware of was LemonWire & other LW 4 style clones started up in the following years.

Several of the LW 4 style clones appear to have the same type of installer made by same people with the same junkware options. You need to be careful to uncheck all options except the agreement.

The very worst program I tried was LimeZilla. The early version was fine. But after an update message I updated. The installer forces certain junkware to be installed. LimeZilla checks at startup to see if one of the items exists, if not it won't open. Also, the LimeZilla help menu has a large number of web-links. All those links I tried made my browser & security software send me alarms of not to be trusted messages or/and automatically blocked.

runt66 has probably had plenty of experience with several LW4 clones & might know more.
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