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There is a clone called LimeWireTurbo which shows up on the Phex host file list as Lime. ie: LIME,6,8,
Examples seen this year:

Now more importantly, there is a clone that does not even identify itself properly & I have no idea what program it is. Both Phex & WS connection logs show it as LimeWire. The examples shown below were specific addresses with date of last siting.

European country - LimeWire/6.8.0 - Dec - Previously LW/6.3.0 in 2014 & LW/6.7.0 earlier in year.
Kuwait - LimeWire/6.8.0 - Dec
Kuwait - LimeWire/6.8.0 - Nov
Poland - LimeWire/6.9.0 - Nov
USA - Leaf - LimeWire/6.2.0 - July
Canada - LimeWire/6.6.0 - June
USA - LimeWire/6.8.0 - June
Poland - LimeWire/6.7.0 - June
Israel - LimeWire/6.6.0 - June
Finland - LimeWire/6.8.0 - June
Saudi Arabia - LimeWire/6.6.0 - June
Poland - LimeWire/6.7.0 - June
Poland - LimeWire/6.0.0 - May
Poland - LimeWire/6.5.0 - May

Edit, just realised there's a version 7:
LimeWire/7.2.0 - Dec - Poland/Malaysia/UK/India/Mozambique
LimeWire/7.1.0 - Aug - Norway/Malaysia/USA
LimeWire/7.0.0 - July - USA
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