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Default Question on deleting files from folder or Wireshare

I am ignorant when it comes to computers and such, so pardon me if this is a stupid question.

I am currently downloading a bunch of files, but I want to delete some of them. If I delete a file from the Incomplete folder section of Wireshare, but not from the actual Wireshare program download tray, does the file also delete from the WIreshare program download tray as well? Or do I have to delete it from both ways for it to be gone? Or do I just have to delete it from the WIreshare download tray for it to be gone from both?

Reason I ask is because in the Incomplete folder I can view some of the files that have yet to have any % downloaded in the Wireshare download tray, but I can't tell which files those are if I look for them just in the Wireshare download tray.

So I would prefer to be able to delete the files from the Incomplete folder, which then would delete from the Wireshare program download tray as well. If thats possible of course.

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