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Originally Posted by ale5000 View Post
... So all users of this ISP see every other directly, but they aren't seen directly from outside...
I have major doubts all fibre-optic services around the world would work in that same way.
I am wondering if the Fastweb company is using that custom technique to greatly reduce it's rollout and/or running costs. Such as the licensing costs of ip addresses.
Even the company name FastWeb sounds like a marketing tool to simply offer fast speeds but limited options for a cheap to fair price.

I wonder if the ipv4 address is in fact an ipv6 address but shows up on ipv4 systems as a private networking address.

Do you know if any of them (your friends) use fibre-optic net phones?

Edit: Long reads & cannot be bothered reading it all. Just investigating the ipv4 & ipv6 conversion techniques.
Originally Posted by p23,
Note that ISPs may have multiple subscribers share a public IPv4 address by performing NAT (Carrier-Grade NAT in this context). In this case, the subscribers' home gateways may receive an address in the block [RFC6598]. For the purposes of tunnel mechanisms, this address block is similar to the RFC 1918 address blocks. However, tunnel implementations that are aware of NAT and RFC 1918 addresses may not recognise as non-public addresses and fail to operate successfully.
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