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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
Sorry this post is actually off-topic from your original thread topic.
No problem. It is still good discussion.

I'm glad you looked into the Ipv4/Ipv6 data.

In a world where Ipv6 was used by the majority of providers, I wonder if it would change Fastweb's mind on its service practices. As things sit right now, they could almost come off as trying to help with the addressing problem. Dirty pool :|

My provider (cable not fiber) kinda suck also. While they do give me external world port access, they charge the same for their slowest connection package. I get 10Mbps down/3.5Mbps and pay a little more than what a friend of mine pays for fiber(200 miles away). People only 50 miles away from me get the same connection speed at half the cost.
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