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This apparent GWC url "" with IP "" that appears sometimes as "Skulls 0.3.2c" and sometimes as "Cachechu 1.6" get inserted inside Cachechu urls list.

The domain is reported by Firefox as malicious.
The IP belong to Amazon Technologies Inc.
The Amazon Cloud can be rented and it is often used by malicious people.

Edit: the site redirect to another url, that when scanned give this:

Edit2: Loading the url now doesn't appears a valid GWebCache, so I wonder how it get inserted; it appears only on Cachechu caches and not in other caches so it possibly use a Cachechu vulnerability or just targetting Cachechu.

Edit3: The domain now point to the IP "" that belong "ESOTERICA (VIA NET.WORKS Portugal - Tecnologias de Informa,cao, SA)" that resolve to
It is really ironic.
Skulls! Multi-Network WebCache

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