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The version of Gtk-gnutella in the Ubuntu-Trusty repo is 1.0.1-1. That version might be able to work on the network still. I would suggest updating to a newer version of Ubuntu (like maybe Ubuntu-Wily). Ubuntu-Xenial has Gtk-gnutella 1.8.1-1, which is pretty new.

If you want to stay with Ubuntu-trusty you might have to brave and learn how to compile Gtk-gnutella yourself.

Or you could try downloading and installing it from sourceforge:
You'll have to do something like
sudo dpkg -i gtk-gnutella_1.1.9-1_amd64.deb
and hope you have all the dependencies needed (I don't recommended this). If this is the version you installed, and it didn't work, you may need to use a new release of Ubuntu to get it working anyway.

If nothing works and you still wanna stay with Ubuntu-Trusty, but don't want to compile Gtk-Gnutella for youself, you can download the Windows installer for Gtk-gnutella and run it through Wine. You'll have to install Wine, but I think Gtk-gnutella works pretty good with it. Wine can be installed via any Ubuntu package manager.

If you hate using Wine you can try and see if a newer (working) version of Gtk-gnutella is available in the Ubuntu Backports for Trusty.


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