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Default new and hopelessly lost

My username is not an affectation, I am registered blind. If you’re wondering how I am writing this, then I shall elucidate (I’ll clean it up afterwards), I use speech recognition software. To extend the metaphor, I remained focused in my use of the Internet and this means that hitting upon sites such as the now defunct “Bolt.CD”and “tehparadox” were both happy hunting grounds in which I could find links to audiobooks stored on third-party clouds. Audiobooks on my sole form of entertainment and so I spend what some people would call an inordinate amount of time hunting for links to uploaded audiobooks that have been posted various websites. This search tends to be to the exclusion of lots of other things. So far, the precise purpose of this site is, sadly, far from clear and I find its format is not only counterintuitive, but I eagerly await the addition of facilities that will translate many of the postings into English — as these seem to be, currently, in impenetrable and opaque jargon, slang, acronyms and so on. Quite what a senior citizen like me are supposed to make of any of this, is quite beyond me. Seems like I’m doubly marginalised by both the language and my failing eyesight. To say that I am new to all this, is something of an understatement! If there are sites out there (clandestinely otherwise) that share the sort of third-party audiobook link swapping facilities that I have described earlier and anybody knows about them (apart from the nearly useless Mobilism), then I would really love to hear from you. You would make a blind senior citizen very happy!
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