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The latest Windows I have is Win 8 so I can't check for Win 10 issues and compatibility.

The fact you have one working on Win 10 already suggests it's obviously not necessarily a Win 10 issue. Have you considered updating your java 7 to 8 on the new computer? Java 8 is less buggy.

Try these things:

1. Sometimes the issue is java related. Uninstalling java, then re-installing java specifically using the 'Offline' java installer has often in the past fixed many issues. The 'Offline' installer is much larger and incorporates all data required within the installer itself instead of downloading the data during the installation process. This is the most reliable way to install java. The size of the installer is over 50 MB. Carefully check the installer options, they normally want to install unnecessary 3rd party junkware which you can opt out of.
~ Might be wise to also set the Java installer to 'Run as Administrator'.

If that does not fix the issue then:

2. Try changing the Cabos program properties permissions to 'Run as Administrator'.
If that has no effect, try:
3. Change the Cabos compatibility mode to an earlier Windows version.

(Off-topic: I haven't been able to run Cabos on MacOSX for several years. So I instead point people to Acqlite to use instead which is an OSX only equivalent. (Acqlite is a nicer program IMHO in any case.))
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