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I presume Cabos is allowed within the firewall's allowed programs?

What's the hardware (or software) differences between your two computers?

I am starting to wonder if you have a security software such as a 3rd party firewall, virus or other security software that might be blocking Cabos from being allowed to launch.

3rd party security software is often packaged within other software installers or even the computer itself upon purchase.

1. Try uninstalling and then re-installing Cabos, this time with Admin permissions (that appears to make a difference with some lime code based programs run on systems greater than Win XP.)

2. Set up a temporary alternative account on computer and see if Cabos runs from there. You might also (at a later point) try setting the account to admin permissions, re-logging in after doing so to refresh the account permissions.

Sorry if this seems like a lot of things to try, but your problem might also affect someone else so if we can find a solution then it's good for all.
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