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Thanks, once again, for your suggestions. I verified that there are no software firewalls enabled on either computer. They are behind a hardware firewall and since Cabos works on the other computer, it can't be the firewall. The computers do use differing anti-virus software, so I turned off windows defender on the new one. I uninstalled and re-installed Cabos and ran with administrator privileges [although my user name is an administrator]. Also, the other computer [the one that works on Cabos], runs Cabos without administrator privileges and without compatibility mode.

There should't be any software differences between the computers; same version of the OS. However, they differ significantly on hardware. The older computer is a standard Gateway PC tower with 8g of memory and a 1T hard drive. The new one is an Acer clone of the Surface Pro 4 - Intel i7, 8g, 512g.

Finally, I tried setting up a temporary account with the settings you suggested. After all of that, Cabos still won't launch.

I assume most of these clients have similar coding. Might another one be more successful or, perhaps, should I just be happy that it works on one of them? I think I've bothered you enough.

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